First Kit Pre-Orders Now Available!

I have changed my shop around a bit to focus on the kits of my undercutter designs, and I am now opening up sales on my Jolt! 3lb combat robot kits. These kits are the latest iteration of the design that I have been refining for the past few years in Portable Apocalypse. I have already sold a few of these designs over the last couple of years as I’ve been gearing up to start my own little store, with one going on to win multiple competitions and another gearing up to debut at Norwalk Havoc in July. The frame is tough, the single-tooth disk packs a punch, my new double-geared motors provide a robust drive train, and now it could all be yours!

Jolt! kits now on sale!

There might be a bit of a delay on the first few kits as I’m waiting on the delivery of more of the drive motors, but the kits will be shipped first-come-first-served as soon as the final parts arrive, starting in mid July.

The Shock! 1lb kits and Spark! 150g kits will follow soon, but I am waiting to get through an event in July for one last test run before I release them into the wild as well.


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