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Absolute Chaos Robotics

Apex Predator v1.1

The design of the new version of Apex Predator is now complete, and it is now 2/3 built, with the electrical work and the carbon fiber plates being the remaining work to do before it would be ready to compete. Since the first iteration performed fairly well back at November’s Norwalk event, the design isContinue reading “Apex Predator v1.1”

Event Report : Norwalk Havoc

I finally made it out to November’s Norwalk Havoc event, and it was definitely a different experience. I talked with some of the competitors there who had also competed on the BattleBots TV show who said that the production value for NHRL was about on par with the TV show, and I believe it. SinceContinue reading “Event Report : Norwalk Havoc”

Robot Parts Shop Now Open!

I am pleased to announce that I am opening a little store to sell robot parts, AbsoluteChaosRobotics.bigcartel.com! Over the next few months I am going to start selling my competition winning undercutter designs in the 3lb, 1lb, and 150g weight classes. I will also be selling the great brushed ESCs and double geared 25mm motorsContinue reading “Robot Parts Shop Now Open!”

2020: A Year in CAD

2020 has been a crappy year in most regards, and robot combat has been no exception. I managed to make it to Motorama in February with my beetleweight, but that was the only event I got to attend all year long. Just because I had no events to go to didn’t mean that my mindContinue reading “2020: A Year in CAD”

Useful File

In case it is useful to anyone, I thought I would share a file that I have put together that has been valuable to me while I have been making robot designs. This is a combination of a few of the design tools that can be found on the Ask Aaron tools page, as wellContinue reading “Useful File”

New Test Box

While some of the issues that I experienced during my most recent matches can be traced back to electrical or programming issues, these issues also can be traced back to a root cause: lack of sufficient testing. The lack of testing in turn could be traced back to a lack of a good place toContinue reading “New Test Box”


This is a collection of the bots that I have designed and perhaps partially built but have yet to finish. Wide version of Someone Else’s Problem Wider wheel base could help improve steering and control Modular version of Portable Apocalypse v0 Standard undercutter module Weta drum module 4wd D2 wedge module Modular version of PortableContinue reading “Vaporbots”


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