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2022 Year End review

2022 is almost gone, and while I was only able to make it to one event this year and I plan on attending the NHRL finals in December, a lot of development has happened with my robots. With a new daughter to take care of it seems unlikely that I will get to attend manyContinue reading “2022 Year End review”


NHRL 2022 Finals Prep – Bottom Feeder (and Apex Predator)

Bottom Feeder managed to qualify for NHRL’s December finals back in May, I won’t have any opportunities to compete between now and then, and after the end of August my free time for building will be severely limited. So that means I had about 3 months to figure out design upgrades for Bottom Feeder, getContinue reading “NHRL 2022 Finals Prep – Bottom Feeder (and Apex Predator)”

NHRL May ’22 – The Debut of Omnivore and Bottom Feeder

NHRL’s May event has come and gone, so it’s time to introduce and review the performance of the two bots I built for the event. New 3lb – Omnivore Omnivore is my new 3lb bot as the next iteration of the design I started last year with Apex Predator. Since this event was restricted toContinue reading “NHRL May ’22 – The Debut of Omnivore and Bottom Feeder”

Event Report : Norwalk Havoc

I finally made it out to November’s Norwalk Havoc event, and it was definitely a different experience. I talked with some of the competitors there who had also competed on the BattleBots TV show who said that the production value for NHRL was about on par with the TV show, and I believe it. SinceContinue reading “Event Report : Norwalk Havoc”

Event Report: Bayside Robotics’ First State Fights #2

This past weekend I attended Bayside Robotics’ second event, and it certainly proved to be an interesting day. 1lb – Someone Else’s Problem This was the event where Someone Else’s Problem finally came into its own. It originally started its life as a 3D printed design that was hardly able to stand up the theContinue reading “Event Report: Bayside Robotics’ First State Fights #2”

Introducing a new 12lb bot: Antisocial Distancing!

The time has come for me to step outside my comfort zone and push my boundaries again. Allow me to introduce my first hobbyweight robot (in progress) – Antisocial Distancing, now registered to debut at the November Norwalk Havoc event! This design is basically going to be a scaling up to take my undercutter designContinue reading “Introducing a new 12lb bot: Antisocial Distancing!”