My Robot Made It Onto The Cover Of A Magazine!

I just found out today that my robot, Portable Apocalypse, made it onto the cover of Servo Magazine! There is also an accompanying article describing the development of the robot similar to what I have posted in a few previous articles here on my blog.

Since the descriptions and pictures are spread out over a few posts at this point, I thought it might be a good time to put together a quick and dirty photo post summarizing what goes into the construction of this robot.

The general construction is described in detail in my original post about Portable Apocalypse V1. I had previously described my plans for the V2 build that would compete at Motorama 2020, but the gallery above is the first time I have shown the pictures here

Portable Apocalypse V2 vs V3

And now that I have learned a few lessons from Motorama 2020, there is Portable Apocalypse V3, where the main differences are switching back from an aluminum to a titanium frame and learning to better pad the electronics.

Portable Apocalypse V3 CAD vs Built

Thanks to the fast turnaround times from SendCutSend I was able to take V3 from finished design to fully built in only a few days! Now I just have to wait for this whole pandemic thing to blow over so I can compete with Portable Apocalypse V3!

Progression of the design over time. Portable Apocalypse V0 (NylonG), V2 (aluminum), and V3 (titanium).


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