New Test Box

While some of the issues that I experienced during my most recent matches can be traced back to electrical or programming issues, these issues also can be traced back to a root cause: lack of sufficient testing. The lack of testing in turn could be traced back to a lack of a good place to conduct the testing. I had a small test box made from a steamer trunk from when I built my first antweight, but there just wasn’t enough space to test my new beetleweight and it just wasn’t up to the task of containing a spinning disk with enough kinetic energy to rival most handgun rounds. It was time to build a better box.

Old test box made from a steamer trunk, good enough for antweights, not suitable for beetleweights

The new test box was designed to be simple to build, relatively cheap, and able to contain my destructive new toys. The bill of materials costs less than $300 to make a 4ft x 4ft box, with half of the cost being for the large polycarbonate sheet. Construction was very simple, only requiring a hand saw and a drill to complete.

  • Cut 8 equal length boards and use the corner brackets to make two 4ft x 4ft squares
  • Screw the MDF to the bottom of one square and the PC sheet to the top of the other square
  • Drill holes in the sheet metal plates and screw them to the inside of the bottom box
  • Stack the boxes up, then add the hinges, latches and handle

And there you have it, one dead simple test box capable of withstanding testing for beetleweights or possibly full combat for antweights!

Now I have a better place to safely test settings and controls for my beetleweight, so I can practice driving and hopefully find my flaws in the test box instead of in the battle box.

New test box, big enough and tough enough for beetleweights

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