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Antisocial Distancing Build Log

With only a few weeks between deciding to finally step up to the next weight class and build a 12lb and actually needing to have it ready to fight, I had to get moving to get everything finished in time. The CAD wasn’t even 100% done, but I had to start ordering parts to makeContinue reading “Antisocial Distancing Build Log”


Event Report: Bayside Robotics’ First State Fights #2

This past weekend I attended Bayside Robotics’ second event, and it certainly proved to be an interesting day. 1lb – Someone Else’s Problem This was the event where Someone Else’s Problem finally came into its own. It originally started its life as a 3D printed design that was hardly able to stand up the theContinue reading “Event Report: Bayside Robotics’ First State Fights #2”