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Spark! Kits Now Available For Sale!

I have now officially added the Spark! 150g robot kits to my shop! These kits have now gone undefeated to take first place in the first two competitions they have entered, and now you can own one too! The carbon fiber frame is tough, the titanium disk is destructive, and with only a few screwsContinue reading “Spark! Kits Now Available For Sale!”


First event report in a year, and Someone Else’s Problem v4

July 17th saw me bring both Someone Else’s Problem and my new 150g Pocket Apocalypse out to Bayside Robotics’ innaugural First State Fight event. Since I have been refining these designs for a while and they have accumulated a few event wins (at least under another owner/driver), I was using this event as a finalContinue reading “First event report in a year, and Someone Else’s Problem v4”