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New Test Box

While some of the issues that I experienced during my most recent matches can be traced back to electrical or programming issues, these issues also can be traced back to a root cause: lack of sufficient testing. The lack of testing in turn could be traced back to a lack of a good place toContinue reading “New Test Box”


Motorama 2020 and Portable Apocalypse v3

Motorama 2020 While this update may be a few months late in coming, I guess it’s better late than never. Portable Apocalypse managed to go 3-2 for the best single-event performance I’ve yet managed, and gives me hope that only a few small tweaks are needed to achieve greatness. Vs TTWYWUADYMRBTYRIADSYHTWUADIAOA TT was a D2Continue reading “Motorama 2020 and Portable Apocalypse v3”