This is a collection of the bots that I have designed and perhaps partially built but have yet to finish.

  • Wide version of Someone Else’s Problem
    • Wider wheel base could help improve steering and control
  • Modular version of Portable Apocalypse v0
    • Standard undercutter module
    • Weta drum module
    • 4wd D2 wedge module
  • Modular version of Portable Apocalypse v2
    • Undercutter module
    • Weta drum module
    • I’m not entirely confident with the strength of the modular interface because it is only 2mm thick dovetails, but I’m not sure how to strengthen it without making assembly more difficult
  • 12lb undercutter
    • Basically a scaled up version of my current 1lb and 3lb undercutters
  • Meltybrain spinners
    • Designs complete for 1wd and 2wd in either the 1lb or 3lb category
    • Top-left design has been halfway built (without teeth), code has been written and partially tested, just need to actually solder it all up for calibration and testing, so this one might actually get made one day
  • Antweight 3D printed ring spinner

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