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3D printing for maximum strength

The rise of affordable 3D printers has made it easy for builders to come up with a design for an insect-weight bot and have the frame printed in one simple operation, but the materials typically used by 3D printing hobbyists seldom fare well when matched against steel or titanium spinning at high speed.  Budget 3DContinue reading “3D printing for maximum strength”


Current Bots – Portable Apocalypse

Portable Apocalypse is my current bot in the beetleweight category, and it is an undercutter with a powerful single tooth disk. The design started out shortly after building Someone Else’s Problem v2.0, and it has largely wound up being a scaled up version of SEP v2.0 and v3.0. The initial version of the design wasContinue reading “Current Bots – Portable Apocalypse”

Current Bots – Someone Else’s Problem

Someone Else’s Problem My antweight robot, Someone Else’s Problem, has gone through some major revisions over the last few years.  Although it has had a somewhat rough road so far, I like to think that it has slowly been inching toward greatness.  I have learned from my past mistakes, learned to improve my design, andContinue reading “Current Bots – Someone Else’s Problem”