Introducing Team Absolute Chaos Robotics

Hi, I’m Ryan Clingman. I work as a product development engineer, and I am the main person behind Absolute Chaos Robotics. I got into this hobby back in 2015 when the new series of Battlebots came on the air and I discovered that there were more numerous and affordable competitions for combat robots in the small weight classes.

One of my main goals driving my design philosophy is that I want to try to do as well as possible in competitions while making as much of the robots myself as possible. This has imposed some significant limitations on my designs, but it has also given me new avenues for learning and expanding my skill set as I wish to further push what my robots and I are capable of doing.

As of writing this post, I have yet to have a bot perform better than 2-2 in a competition, but my designs are improving rapidly and my driving is improving slowly as well, so I hope to eventually make it onto the podium at one of the highly competitive events in my area. I also hope to one day get my daughter interested in joining my team, but she is only 2 years old so there is still plenty of time for that later.

I plan to use this blog to document my journey in this sport as I work on refining my designs and improving my abilities as a builder and competitor.


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